Programmable Payments Infrastructure
for Physical Retail

We're reimagining consumer interactions with the physical world and building the partnership network of tomorrow


Drive Sales with Precision

Our service transforms thousands of supermarket items into potential cloud-based offers, allowing for full or partial promotional values. This system works across all or specific stores, with detailed tracking of each redemption, providing valuable insights at every transaction level.


Empower Your Products with Cloud Accessibility

K42 enables merchants to bring their products into the digital realm, offering unprecedented access. With our platform, promotions can be directly sent to consumers outside the store or targeted based on items in their shopping carts, opening new avenues for engagement.

Data Driven

In-store promotions with measurable results

K42 introduces the precision of online "Cost per Click" strategies to in-store products, revolutionizing promotional campaigns.


Diverse Campaigns for Every Need

Our platform supports a wide array of campaign types, ensuring flexibility and creativity in your promotional strategies:

Percentage Discounts

Offer instant savings on your products to drive sales and attract price-conscious consumers.

Buy One Get One Free

Encourage higher volume purchases with classic Buy One Get One Free deals, perfect for inventory rotation.

Multi-Buy Discounts

Provide discounts on bulk purchases to increase basket sizes.

Loyalty Program Promotions

Reward repeat customers with exclusive deals, enhancing customer loyalty.

Flash Sales

Create urgency with limited-time offers, driving immediate traffic and sales.

Seasonal or Themed Promotions

Capitalize on holidays and events with themed campaigns that resonate with consumers.

Exclusive In-Store Offers

Attract more foot traffic with deals only available to in-store shoppers.

Bundled Products

Increase sales by offering complementary products together at a discounted rate.

Gift with Purchase

Add value to customer purchases with complimentary gifts, enhancing the shopping experience.

Cross-Promotions with Other Brands

Partner with complementary brands to broaden your reach and appeal.

Sampling and Demonstrations

Engage customers directly with product trials, building confidence and interest.


Maximize Efficiency in Promotional Spending

K42 changes the game for brands and organizations by eliminating the guesswork in promotional campaigns. Our model offers transparency in redemption data, ensuring promotional spending directly correlates with actual consumer engagement, optimizing campaign effectiveness.

Join K42 as we redefine retail promotions, making them more intelligent, cost-effective, and impactful.

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